Nothing quite says Christmas like red and white. This eye-catching duo is fresh and fun and will brighten every corner of your home.

Red and White is the quintessential Scandi themed colour combination and is perfect for all types of climate. The tree we have decorated and pictured here is in an outdoor area with a sparkling pool as a backdrop – and it looks so fresh and bright in the hot summer sun we often experience at Christmas time in Australia.

Whether you are the proud owner of a real or faux tree (there are no judgements here), start your red and white decorating theme with your tree.


Lights are always the first things to go onto your tree. If you’re a tinsel fan pop that on your tree next. Make sure the tinsel is pushed back from the front of the branches so the shape of your tree is maintained but the sparkle from the tinsel can still be seen. You don’t want the tinsel to overwhelm the tree.

Ribbons are a wonderful addition to a Christmas tree. If you are using ribbons do that before hanging baubles and decorations. We always hang our decorations using ornament hooks – the hooks keep the ornament close to the tree branch and keep them safely hanging on the tree. The uniformity of the ornaments being close to the tree branch gives your tree a wonderfully stylish look.

Here at Purely Christmas we start with a base coloured ball – which in the pictured tree is red.

Once you have completed your base colour on all sides of the tree and from bottom to top and from large to smaller balls, introduce the secondary decorating colour – which in this case is white.

Then it’s time for the fun to start. Add interest and texture to your tree by introducing decorations of different shapes and finishes that combine red and white together in the same piece.

The red and white theme can start at the front door with a red and white themed wreath. The theme continues with your red and white tree, decorative touches throughout the house and finishes with a beautifully decorated Christmas table which incorporates your red and white theme.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Table Décor

Bring the red and white to your Christmas table. A gorgeous green garland running down the centre of the table with some red and white highlight baubles entwined in it on top of a white or neutral table runner- is the perfect way to bring your Scandi theme to the dinner table.
For a new twist on the traditional table setting, place several runners across the width of the table instead of lengthwise.

A touch of green to the theme gives it that real Scandi look.


Bowl Of Cheer

Classic red and white glass ornaments
make a simple yet eye-catching decoration when piled in a bowl or glass vase. Dot these vases or bowls throughout your house – add Christmas cheer to any room.


Tabletop Displays

Coffee tabletops or buffet tops are perfect places for continuing your Christmas decorating. Use your existing decorations or source them to continue your red and white theme. Adding some natural wood or