Swedish Wooden Tealight Candle Ring – Red trees- 23cm (d)


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This beautiful Swedish wooden tealight candle ring is designed by Larssons Tra renowned Swedish maker of painted wooden decorations. This keepsake Christmas decoration will become a family treasure.

  • 23cm (d) x 8.5cm (h)
  • Made and designed in Sweden
  • Candle Ring made from pine
  • 4 x Natural timber candleholders with metal inserts designed to hold tealights candles.
  • There are 4 Large wooden RED trees included with the wreath. These trees are interchangeable with other products from the same range that can change the look of the candle ring.

Candle rings are traditional Swedish decorations used at Christmas times and other celebration times. This is a new take on the candle ring with tealights replacing the traditional tall candles.  In the Swedish tradition of Advent, a candle is lit each Sunday in December leading up to Christmas eve.

Apart from the tealights, the candle ring has four drilled holes, each holding a Christmas tree shape.



Out of stock