Are you looking for a star for the top of a Christmas tree?

Then this LED Christmas tree topper might be just what you’re looking for.  It is a stunning, simple, and elegant Danish designed silver star LED Christmas tree topper. 

It will add that something different to the top of your Christmas tree and will look perfect with any style of decorating.

It sits easily on the top of the tree.

The Christmas tree topper is battery operated and can be operated by remote control.  (Note the remote control is sold separately.)

There is a silver thin container that is attached to the base of the base, this is where the batteries go. It hangs down in the tree so you can manually turn the star on and off if you don’t have the remote control.


  • Battery operated
  • Can be Remote-controlled so it is easy to use.
  • 30 LED lights


  • 25cm high
  • 20cm width

Decorating Tip: If you are using an artificial Christmas tree then bend the top over to make it thicker to easily hold up the star.