Christmas is the best time of year to get your creative juices flowing and we’ve got THE thing to kick it all off – Tiered Christmas Centrepieces! Trust me, you’re going to love these.


Tiered centrepieces are fast becoming a big trend in the USA and I can see the trend taking off here as well.


They are a great way to create little vignettes (one of my favourite things to do) around your home using things you love to display and already have. Ever wondered what to do with the broken wreath from last year? Stay tuned, it’s got more goodies than you can ever imagine!


Would you believe I’ve only recently discovered the tiered centrepieces? Goodness me I’ve clearly been under a rock somewhere. But now I’ve found them, I’m completely obsessed.


My trip down the rabbit holes of Pinterest was mind-blowing, so many gorgeous tiered centrepieces I couldn’t decide which one was my favourite. Anyway, now that I’m up for air, I’ve put together a video of how to make your very own tiered centrepiece which is available on the website a step by step guide. So read on….


Because I just can’t help myself, I’ve created 2 different trays to show you how versatile and easy creating your own centrepiece really is.


How to make a Scandi Inspired Rustic Two-Tiered Centrepiece.


Scandi Style is one of my favourite styles of Christmas decorating.  I love the freshness and simplicity of the Scandi Christmas style and I am a bit partial to adding a rustic touch as well.  Think Pinecones, felt, candles and little white houses with LED lights.



3 Simple Steps to creating a tiered Christmas centrepiece


1. Choose your theme

You can let your imagination run wild on this. Feel free to base you’re theme on a style of decorating you like or even the colour combination you may be using for your Christmas decorating this year. My theme is red, white and gold inspired by this red and white Scandi Christmas.


2. Get organised

This is the fun part. Gather together the materials you are going to use in the tiered centrepiece. You can literally use anything you like. I find adding greenery is a must so this is where your broken Christmas Wreath could come in handy! Items like small baubles, candles, trees, pine cones will work well and some cute little fairy lights too. Don’t forget to grab some wire and cutters so you can style your centrepiece to perfection.


If you’re stuck for ideas, here are the items I used to create my Rustic Scandi themed Christmas tiered centrepiece.


item ideas for creating Christmas table decorations


I mixed together textures to add interest to my display.  I used felt, wood, ceramic, metal and greenery. I added height by using candles and trees.


I used lights in my display so it will look gorgeous both at night and during the day.  I used string lights and light up LED decorations but you can use any Christmas lights you have on hand.


3. Start Creating


Now It’s time to start creating. This Is where you can let your creativity shine. There are a couple of tips to help make styling a little easier.


1. I used a pine cone garland as a base for my display attached at the top of tiered tray and wound down to the base. Just like draping tinsel over the tree, use the garland to accentuate the tiered base you’re using.


2. Start with the bigger items and try and visually balance them either side of the centrepiece on all levels.


Remember if you’re putting the display in the middle of a table it has to look good from all sides. If you’re placing It in a corner then not so much.


3. Once you have placed all the bigger items on the tiers, place your greenery around the ornaments.


Next fill any voids with all your other gorgeous bits and pieces.  In my example I have used mini pinecone scatters and wooden stars.



Here is the finished product:



Products used :

  • Black tiered Tray – Bloomingville (my own), but any tiered tray you have should work just fine.
  • White LED house and cones (table deocarations in website)
  • Inge traditional red baubles (glass decorations)
  • Felt décor (on website)
  • Candles (website page)
  • Wire cutters, tape etc Spotlight


If it’s a coloured centrepiece you’re going with, we have all the accessories to create almost any colour scheme. We’ve placed a pink, gold and white Inspiration shot below, but you can choose whatever works with your home décor.


pink and gold two tiered Christmas centrepiece


Quick tips for décorating the perfect colour Inspired two-tiered centrepiece.


  • Fresh modern look with gold pink and white
  • The hot pink, gold and white baubles are my hero pieces
  • Then built up around those
  • Pick out colours to build out your tray
  • Use things you already have or go all out and start afresh
  • Our video can be used for any inspiration your heart desires.


pink gold and white tiered tray with extras


Products used in our pink and gold inspiration.



pink gold tiered tray flatlay


Use the same guidelines we’ve given for the Scandi Centrepiece and get creating.


Don’t forget to show us your masterpiece. Share it to our Facebook page or Instagram and tag it #purelychristmascentrepiece so we can all be inspired this Christmas.